Monday, 17 November 2014

Caves - Leaving

Bristol's Caves know how to do punk. 2013's 'Betterment' LP was packed full of blistering guitars and energetic vocals and it’s follow up 'Leaving' is no different. With eight high intensity songs, none of which break the three-minute mark, the album is a burst of excitement that does not disappoint. 

Title track 'Leaving' is one and a half minutes of pure bliss on which the band's sound is reminiscent of Weezer's debut 'The Blue Album'. Meanwhile on penultimate track 'Dull' the group flutter between loud and quiet with the confidence of early Pixies.

Possibly the best thing about 'Leaving' is final track 'Sadder' which slowly builds into one of the records highlights before plunging into a pit of feedback that can't help but leave us wanting more.

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