Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Iceage - Plowing Into the Field of Love

Iceage's change of sound seemed at first to shock fans that would have possibly expected new material reminiscent of the ravishing punk noise of last year's You're Nothing. However once the initial shocked haze had cleared it became easy to see links between tracks like 'Jackie' and 'Morals' and those on the band's new album Plowing Into the Field of Love

Opening track 'On My Fingers' begins with a simple but weighty bass introduction not dissimilar to that of 'Morals'. 'The Lord's Favorite' however, has a more country and western feel to it despite frontman Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt's vocals retaining their rough punk charm as he grumbles "I do believe I'm the lord's favourite one". 

Iceage use a wider range of instruments on this album including a viola and a mandolin, however what really stands out is Asger Valentin's Trumpet cameos. As 'Forever' closes the brass kicks in with a flurry that puts the icing on top of an already deliciously dark cake. "I lose myself forever" Elias calls out amidst a sea of whirring guitars enticing us to jump in with him. 

The highlight of the record is perhaps the beauty of 'Against the Moon'. Piano keys twinkle as a heartbroken R√łnnenfelt sighs "Softly she put her hand on my mouth/Softly, so that I/In the silence/Only heard breathing/Closed in living". However there is a darker side to the track as the gentle melody and lyrics are juxtaposed with it's one line chorus, "Pissing against the moon". 

Iceage clearly knew it would be hard to better You're Nothing for pure aggression so they've written an album that is more experimental and more complex. Despite being less abrasive than its predecessor, Plowing Into the Field of Love still an example of the rage fuelled post-punk that we've come to know and love. 

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