Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pond - Elvis' Flaming Star

Pond's 2013 album 'Hobo Rocket' was a roller coaster of psychedelic rock. Not only were the songs great but also the album slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was clear that the Aussies had learnt a thing or two about writing albums in the short time between the releases of 'Hobo Rocket' and it's predecessor 'Beard, Wives, Denim'. Now as we move towards January 2015 and the release of Pond's new record 'Man It Feels Like Space Again', new songs are beginning to show their glittery faces.

The first single to be released from the album 'Elvis' Flaming Star', is typically crazy. Jamie Terry tickles the keys while Julien Barbagallo's bass weaves it's way though the song. At times flutters of Bowie can be heard in front man Nick Allbrook's vocals.

The song was recently performed on Seattle's KEXP on which the band revealed that the new album took only two weeks to make. Pond didn't treat us to any other songs from the new album in the performance, preferring to give outings to 'Don't Look At The Sun Or You'll Go Blind' from the band's first album 'Psychedelic Mango' and 'Midnight Mass' from 'Hobo Rocket'.

The record will be released in the UK on January 26 and if 'Elvis Flaming Star' is anything to go by Pond have created an album to get excited about. 

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