Friday, 6 March 2015

The Magic Gang - No Fun

Doesn't it seem as though The Magic Gang have been around for ages? The exciting young four-piece exploded into the crowded Brighton scene, covering onlookers with a warm exuberance that quickly spread throughout the land. There was only one thing missing from the UK's most hotly tipped new band - songs. With just two rough songs on an empty looking SoundCloud, including indie floor filler 'She Won't Ghost', the band have kept us waiting and waiting for new material.

As drowsy heads rose on yet another crisp Monday morning, soberly mapping out plans for the forthcoming week, a buzzing elation ignited within fuzzy brains. Laptops across the UK lit up with the news of a first proper single from The Magic Gang. The song in question, 'No Fun', will be released via Telharmonium Records on April 16 and its a cracker!

A rumbling bass brings in inquisitive guitar echos before heaving feedback makes way for flying riffs. As the chaotic smoke of strums clears, frontman Jack Kaye's Weezer inspired vocals take a trip on the constant wave of bass thunder. As a whirring chorus commences it's almost impossible to not imagine yourself in a sweat drenched mosh roaring along.

The long wait for 'No Fun' was indeed.. no fun, however it's eventual arrival brings with it more than enough joy and excitement to make up for it. On the evidence of this first single this will by no means be the last time we eagerly await fantastic new music from this thrilling Brighton band.

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