Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nai Harvet - All The Time

Sheffield punks Nai Harvest know how to write a tune. It was not surprise then when, in early February, they announced that their debut album Hairball was on its way! 'All The Time' is the most recent of the album's tracks to appear online, bringing with it yet more mind-bending riffs and pounding drum.

Frontman Ben Thompson’s pop vocals rudely interrupt the tracks jumpy guitar hook to trample on a pile of feedback. His forceful, yet playful sounding vocals stutter, "I-I-I- I want it all the time" he shouts. The duo alternate between the punchy early riff and its insistent pop shriek and a slower hopping section of almost funky indie sound over which Thompson vigorously shouts "I want to break free".

'All The Time' joins the beautifully named 'Sick on My Heart', a frantic fuzz-ball of punk goodness, as the only two track from Hairball to have appeared online as of yet. If these two beauties are anything to go by there will no doubt be sweat next month when the band take their noisy surf rock neighbours Best Friends on tour with them. It's not one you want to miss!

The tour dates with Best Friends are as follows: 


16 - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
17 - London, Birthdays
18 - Brighton, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
19 - Nottingham, Bodega
20 - Birmingham, The Oobleck
21 - Glasgow, Broadcast
22 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
23 - Leeds, The Brudenell Social Club
24 - Sheffield, The Harley

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Cribs - Different Angle

Wakefield's finest, The Cribs, recently declared "punk rock and indie are dead" in the steady build-up to the soon to be released For All My Sisters. Whether this hasty defence of the poppier new sound found on the bands sixth studio album is needed remains to be seen with just a handful of tracks online so far. The most recent of which, 'Different Angle' leaped into the brains of many when it was premiered on Steve Lamac's 6 Music show yesterday evening.

Unmistakably Cribsy, the wailing guitars of charismatic front man Ryan Jarman dominate the song, continually strutting around the fret board with the confidence of a band that have been carefully developing their sound for over a decade. Soft coos and distant vocals sit beneath the assertive guitars.

It's not until well into the second half of the single that the cries of brothers Gary and Ryan smash through the wall of noise. As the shroud of sound around the pair backs away timidly, they repeatedly question "when you look at me from a different angle, do you see something that you just can't handle?" Moments later a flutter of guitar strings waves away the track into ponderous silence.

While this change of sound might not be sitting well with some fans of retro Cribs, there is no denying they have earned the right to try something new. While 'Different Angle' doesn't quite matched up to For All My Sisters lead single 'Burning For No One', I can see that its repetitive charm could well gnaw its way into the brains of the masses, finally giving this fantastic British band the chance to make it big time.

So The Cribs are on the search for big time success, can you really find it in your heart to blame them? In the meantime I can assure you, punk rock and indie are very much alive and kicking!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Musical Love Affair: Sorry, No - Boy/Girl Party

Manchester's Luke Bather has been making music under the Sorry, No umbrella since 2010 now. His melancholy brand of lo-fi sadcore has produced some exquisite parcels of DIY goodness, none better than 2013's charming 'Boy/Girl Party' released as part of Art Is Hard Records fabulous Postcard Club.

Sweet chimes join a gently strummed guitar as Bather's sweet vocals flutter in on the gentle breeze of sound. A distant fizzing synth murmurs as the young singer wistfully exclaims, "I got a little less excited, as the days rolled by". It's 'Boy/Girl Party's beautifully innocent and youthful lyrics that really make it memorable, Bather softly contemplates the excitement and gut-wrenching nerves that are synonymous to hosting a party.

As the song grows a fog of synth buzz bleeds into the mix of dancing drums and whispering guitars before everything but a gentle guitar and Bather's solitary vocals plunges away into the distance. Seconds later a cacophony of noise flitters back into action lead by the ever present electronic buzz. 

"You're all invited to the party" Bather sings moments before the music cuts leaving just a gentle glow of sound. If the party refereed to is the brilliant Postcard Club it's true, this delightful track and many more from the likes of Theo Verney and Trust Fund are available here for as much money as you feel is fair.

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Magic Gang - No Fun

Doesn't it seem as though The Magic Gang have been around for ages? The exciting young four-piece exploded into the crowded Brighton scene, covering onlookers with a warm exuberance that quickly spread throughout the land. There was only one thing missing from the UK's most hotly tipped new band - songs. With just two rough songs on an empty looking SoundCloud, including indie floor filler 'She Won't Ghost', the band have kept us waiting and waiting for new material.

As drowsy heads rose on yet another crisp Monday morning, soberly mapping out plans for the forthcoming week, a buzzing elation ignited within fuzzy brains. Laptops across the UK lit up with the news of a first proper single from The Magic Gang. The song in question, 'No Fun', will be released via Telharmonium Records on April 16 and its a cracker!

A rumbling bass brings in inquisitive guitar echos before heaving feedback makes way for flying riffs. As the chaotic smoke of strums clears, frontman Jack Kaye's Weezer inspired vocals take a trip on the constant wave of bass thunder. As a whirring chorus commences it's almost impossible to not imagine yourself in a sweat drenched mosh roaring along.

The long wait for 'No Fun' was indeed.. no fun, however it's eventual arrival brings with it more than enough joy and excitement to make up for it. On the evidence of this first single this will by no means be the last time we eagerly await fantastic new music from this thrilling Brighton band.

Theo Verney - Mountain Rose

Over the last few years Brighton's Theo Verney has been building up a bit of a reputation. Slamming bricks of sludgy distorted guitars under raucous howling vocals to build rooms of pure noise. Now Theo's back and better than ever.

'Mountain Rose' is the first song to appear from Verney's upcoming Brain Disease EP and offers up a slightly more refined sound than the unadulterated fuzz of previous releases. Built on foundations of sprinting guitars and a hopping drum beat, Verney's vocals are soft, gently filling in all cracks and crevices of the chugging verses.

A heavy riff demolishes any sense of calm as a punchy chorus explodes into life. "I wont get knocked down!" insists Verney, calling out from beneath boisterous guitars and crashing cymbals. The gallop of guitars once again takes over, quickly rebuilding what was demolished just moments before, only for it to be once again crushed under the weight of more fearsome guitars.

A shimmering guitar solo is the perfect interlude between the final lethal rounds of wrecking-ball guitars. The song quickly collapses out of view leaving just a murmuring cloud of dusty feedback.

Verney's Brain Disease EP is out soon on Marshall Teller Records and if this first peak is anything to go by we are in for a treat. If an upcoming EP isn't exciting enough a debut album is also on its way to our ears in the not-too distant future!