Sunday, 1 February 2015

Best Friends

Four years ago the Gods of music, no doubt on a drunken night out in heaven's answer to Sheffield, sent down to earth four young men. Since that fateful day these four demigods have been blending into Sheffield side streets, slowly learning our ways and above all making some bloody good music. Now the group, who call themselves Best Friends, are ready to take over.

As the cold of January set in, who came out of hibernation to save our freezing ears? Why it was Best Friends of course! A deep orange sun rose over frosty carpets of dew bringing with it the news that the band had signed to Fatcat Records. 

Some say birds could be heard singing a new song that morning. The song in questions was quickly recognised as 'Shred Til You're Dead', a wholehearted indie banger released along side the morning's exciting news. On the first single to be released on their new label guitars are most definitely shredded and combined with a phenomenally catchy chorus, it is without a doubt a winner.

This recent flurry of activity is by no means the first we've heard of Best Friends, although its been a while. In 2013 the awesome 'Happy Anniversary/Nosebleeds' 7" was released on Art Is Hard records. The Single showcased the band's undeniable talent for writing infectiously catchy garage rock.

 Past videos show us there is more to this band than great music. Whether they are dressing up in drag in the 'Happy Anniversary' video or writing songs about a zombie apocalypse in the form of the epic eight minute long 'Hawaii 666', there is always something madly amusing going on when Best Friends are around. 

This playful attitude to making music, combined with a reputation for a raucous live show and songs as strong as 'Shred Til You're Dead' make Best Friends one of the most exciting young bands around right now. Who knows, 2015 might be the year they begin their climb back up to the musical paradise from whence they came.

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