Friday, 6 February 2015

Musical Love Affair: Ides - Prisms

I've not done one of these for a while so it's probably about time I shared with you what I've been adoringly shovelling into my ears by the bucket load. Ides is perhaps best known because she is Alana McArdle, lead singer of Cardiff's noisiest indie-pop rabble - Joanna Gruesome.

On 'Prisms', in the absence of her four band mates, McArdle is almost unrecognisable. There is a vulnerability to the lonely partnership of young woman and guitar as she gently calls out "simple things, they make no sense to me". Perhaps ironically it is the songs beautiful simplicity that gives it a sweet and relatable charm. McArdle's heart-breaking sincerity, as she sings, "I hope that you're as happy as can be", seems to cover a deep frustration revealed as the song softly floats away on a gently flowing river of humming feedback.

Ides four minutes of tender bliss is available as part of Art Is Hard records' 2013 postcard club, where the download is accompanied by a beautiful postcard.

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