Friday, 30 January 2015

Two White Cranes

2014 was over flowing with great music from the acclaimed punk growl of Eagulls to the weird but captivating debut from Happyness. However while teenagers excitedly gave their ears up to Iceage and journalists heaped frantic praise all over Damon Albarn, one of the years most beautiful and understated albums was slipping through the radar. September 6 saw the release of the eponymous debut album from the super hardworking Two White Cranes.

Roxy Brennan is perhaps the busiest woman in music right now juggling spots in Grubs, Trust Fund and playing on King of Cats recently recorded second album. Despite this hectic timetable, the Bristol based musician managed to perfectly select eleven beautiful tracks about the wonders of being in love which she can be proud to put her own name to.

twowhitecranes began life in 2011 when Roxy wrote the album's final track 'skeleton' while living with her mum. Roxy's wandering fingers navigate the fret board with supreme confidence, periodically drifting into gentle strums. The tracks sweet tenderness delicately places the song on the soft velvet pillow of your mind.

Before we treated to a mouthwatering desert 'skeleton' Roxy has already taken us on a journey around her love-struck mind. Opener 'walls' begins with jumpy guitars slowly hopping into the occasional lively jig with the drum of Trust Fund's Ellis which meanders excitedly in and out of the entire album. Ellis is clearly as overjoyed to be on this journey as the rest of us. 'acraman's road' builds preparing us for what we expect to be an animated chorus before mischievously diving into a slow paced interlude. The build up once again takes hold and this time we are not left hanging as front-woman Roxy calls out "Baby you where born to run".

 Roxy's doubts about selling her tales of love to people in a palpable form for physical money mean the digital album is available to download for as much money as you wish to part with. It may be easy to overlook Two White Cranes, there is no excuse for not owning possibly the most beautifully mesmerising DIY album of 2014.

Download the album here.

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