Sunday, 18 January 2015

An Interview With... The Black Tambourines

It's impossible to deny that the South West is home to some great bands, none greater than The Black Tambourines. Their blistering garage rock sound has made the four piece the poster-boys of Falmouth's thriving music scene. It's crazy to think that their self titled debut album was released as long ago as 2013 as one of Art Is Hard Records first LP releases. I spoke to the band about the fantastic west country scene of which they are an integral part.

Who makes up The Black Tambourines? How did you meet and what made you want to start the band?

The Black Tambourines are a small group of musicians from cornwall. we met at truro college and took it from there. 

Do you think being in the South west has influenced you as a band?

I think the southwest doesn't influence us at all which makes it easier to do your own thing. Being around barely any bands at the start of our career made it easy to do exactly what we wanted to. 

Are there any bands from the South west who you are particularly into at the moment?

We love the Red Cords and Lost Dawn. They're our main bros, but theres a few more sweet bands emerging, like the Golden Dregs, Holiday Ghosts. Were pretty much in all of these bands tho. Spankees. Spankees.

Why do you think Falmouth has suddenly become one of the UK's best places for music?

Is that what people think? Thats really awesome. I'm not sure, theres a lot of good bands here, and a lot of Arty students around to appreciate them. Among locals. 

Do you think outside of Bristol there is a lack of really good venues to attract bands to the area?

Anywhere can be a venue, and people need to realise this and start putting on more shows in random places. 

Could you sum up the South west's music scene in one sentence?

A big family of Rock.

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