Monday, 29 June 2015

Big Catch Up 5 - Girlpool - Before The World Was Big

Girlpool’s debut EP, which I wrote about on this very blog, was snapped up in moments by none other than Wichita Recordings. Now they are back with a debut album in the form of Before The World Was Big. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Trividad prove that best friends can make simple but brilliant music together with ease.

Opener ‘Ideal World’ is driven gently by Trividad’s bass while the pair perfectly harmonize, a feature that is dominant throughout the ten tracks on the album. The title track sees the pair’s instruments coming together in a way that almost seems as though they are finishing each other’s senesces. This creates an enticing synergy that reflects their close friendship.

There is a gentle sweetness that makes this album about as loveable as you can get. Combined with the fascinatingly beautiful harmonies and intriguing simplicity of just a guitar and a bass, this makes Girlpool’s debut one of the best of the year so far.

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