Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Big Catch Up 3 - Nai Harvest - Hairball

My last post on this blog was all about these guys. They’ had just released ‘All The Time’ from their upcoming album Hairball. Fast-forward almost four months and that album is out and it’s everything I could have ever hoped for!

Tracks like ‘Melanie’ and the hugely catchy ‘Gimme Gimme’ are genuine DIY anthems backing up the fantastic early tasters ‘Sick On My Heart’ and ‘All The Time’. Meanwhile ‘Ocean of Madness’ is slower, but still as brilliantly memorable.

Ben Thomason and Lew Currie’s ability to write fantastic indie pop songs full of dazzling glittery guitars and hopping drums make this album perhaps the most fun record you’ll buy all year.

If you’ve never listened to Nai Harvest (where have you been hiding?!) it’s always worth remembering that ‘Hold Open My Head’ is one of the best songs to come out of the UK’s DIY scene this century!

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