Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Cribs - Different Angle

Wakefield's finest, The Cribs, recently declared "punk rock and indie are dead" in the steady build-up to the soon to be released For All My Sisters. Whether this hasty defence of the poppier new sound found on the bands sixth studio album is needed remains to be seen with just a handful of tracks online so far. The most recent of which, 'Different Angle' leaped into the brains of many when it was premiered on Steve Lamac's 6 Music show yesterday evening.

Unmistakably Cribsy, the wailing guitars of charismatic front man Ryan Jarman dominate the song, continually strutting around the fret board with the confidence of a band that have been carefully developing their sound for over a decade. Soft coos and distant vocals sit beneath the assertive guitars.

It's not until well into the second half of the single that the cries of brothers Gary and Ryan smash through the wall of noise. As the shroud of sound around the pair backs away timidly, they repeatedly question "when you look at me from a different angle, do you see something that you just can't handle?" Moments later a flutter of guitar strings waves away the track into ponderous silence.

While this change of sound might not be sitting well with some fans of retro Cribs, there is no denying they have earned the right to try something new. While 'Different Angle' doesn't quite matched up to For All My Sisters lead single 'Burning For No One', I can see that its repetitive charm could well gnaw its way into the brains of the masses, finally giving this fantastic British band the chance to make it big time.

So The Cribs are on the search for big time success, can you really find it in your heart to blame them? In the meantime I can assure you, punk rock and indie are very much alive and kicking!

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