Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sweet Baboo

Yesterday night I was supposed to see Sweet Baboo at The Phoenix in Exeter. However, unfortunately he was forced to cancel due to illness.

 I've had the pleasure of seeing the Welshman play music twice before. The first time was at the very venue he was supposed to play yesterday when he played bass with the wonderful Cate LeBon. The second time was a beautifully intimate  performance at Knee Deep festival this summer in which he dazzled a small crowd with a chilled out acoustic set.

Multi-instrumentalist Sweet Baboo (or Stephen Black to his friends) released his last album Ships in 2013. The record infused pop and folk with a slight dash of the psychedelic. Horns peep through bobbing baselines and upbeat percussion on 'C'mon Lets Mosh' while 'Let's Go Swimming Wild' comes complete with a beautifully weird video in which Baboo is made up to look like a range of different animals and is prodded by a rather large finger.

Best wishes to Sweet Baboo. I hope he has a speedy recovery and returns to Exeter soon!

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