Monday, 8 December 2014

Spector - Don't Make Me Try

Spector are back! Its been a while but finally we have the first sample of what the now four-piece's second album will sound like. 'Don't Make Me Try' was premiered on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show a few weeks ago and is perhaps a bit more radio friendly than 2012's Enjoy It While It Lasts but never the less, I still think it sounds great.

The song is a wash with synths from beginning to end with just a short interlude in which piano keys meander into the foreground before being absorbed back into the river of synths. Frontman Fred MacPherson continues his impeccable lyrical form from the band's debut, the man knows how to write songs.

"I meant every single word I didn't say" sighs the former Les Incomp├ętents vocalist. The track is in no uncertain terms a love song, however when you listening to it it feels like something more. The chorus of "Don't make me try/Not in front of them" draws you in, intrigued as to what or whom the song is about. The songs dark horse is without a doubt Thomas Shickle's bass which makes a late dash for the line, bounding up and down until the song fades away into the distance.

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